About This Portfolio and Project (Read First!)

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My name is Wes Wehner and I am a student at Texas A&M. If you would like to learn more about me, read my post titled “A Story of Wes.”

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Artistic Statement

Originally, the idea to create a piece that aurally represents a walk through a Zen Garden came from Jeff White, my partner whom I worked with throughout this class. Although I had come up with ideas for my own performances, I was drawn to Jeff’s idea because I appreciated the simplicity and what could be done with it.

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Performance Materials

Provided is all the materials necessary to recreate this piece. In “Zen Garden Report,” you can find the equipment list, instructions to perform the piece, and a stage plot. In “Zen Garden – Full Score,” you can find the final score, as well as the key that instructs the performer what technique they should use for each symbol. In “Zen Garden slideshow,” you will find the final edited images used in the overhead projection for the performance.

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Progress Report #4 + Technical Rider – April 12

We have now provided a Technical Rider report to aid in Ulrich’s understanding of the concept and how the stage will be set up for him to perform. Although we had previously scrapped the idea of using a projector to project some color onto the stage, we are now going to add it back in to set a bit of ambience to the visual aspect of the performance.

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